Turners Crossing Wines came to life as a result of one man’s search for his pot of gold. Vigneron Paul Jenkins discovered the land for his vineyard on the banks of the Loddon River in Victoria’s historic Bendigo region in 2002. Since then, Paul and highly respected winemaker Sergio Carlei have been producing wines of outstanding quality that speak of a sense of place and provenance. 

Turners Crossing Vineyard now spans 42 hectares on well-drained, red sandy clay topsoil. The sub-soil is red light-to-medium clay containing limestone pebbles. The vineyard is virtually pesticide and chemical free; warm days and cool nights allow the grapes to ripen during the day and the vines to recover overnight. Vines are spur-pruned and bud numbers are calculated to deliver low yields.

The vineyard bears shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, viognier and picolit grapes, a white variety of Italian origin.

Australian wine writer James Halliday recently referred to the wines of Turners Crossing as having “uncommon distinction”. Since Turners Crossing’s first vintage, James Halliday has consistently rated the wines between 91 and 96 points, and he has distinguished it as a 5 Star Winery since 2007.

Turners Crossing’s Gold Mine of Facts:


Shiraz (PT23)                       24 HA             planted 1999

Cabernet (SA125)                16 HA             planted 1999

Viognier                               1.3 HA            planted 2006

Piccolit                                 .75 HA             planted 2006

First Vintage                         2001

Shiraz Harvest                      Mid-March

Cabernet Harvest                 March/April

Viognier Harvest                   March/April

Piccolit Harvest                     March/April

Average Yield                        under 3 tonnes per acre 

Latitude                                 36°45’S

Altitude                                  243m

Growing season rainfall         267mm

Mean January Temperature   21°

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